Thursday, November 13, 2008

View in my kitchen and finished crochet Ruffled Scarf

Now for the Red and White Crocheted Scarf I've completed today. The first two pictures will show my talents :)

It's been a busy day. Hubby and son are finishing up our kitchen floor. The floor was fine, but we wanted to update it before selling the house. I hope this will help. Yes, you will see in the photos the wallpaper needs updating too.... something we will have to deal with.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lazy Days / Lazy Cat

Catching our cat taking a Lazy nap in the sink. My son's toothbrush suffered the most.

Still Packing

It is so exciting to be moving.

I am looking forward to this with so much hope as to how things are going to turn out on the other end. My plans, hopes and expectations of what the future holds for us is keeping me going.

We are working on installing a new kitchen floor at the moment. Installation of our new carpet is scheduled for the 24th. Our current house is ready for another family to move right in. I hope it holds as much excitement for the new family as it did for our family.

To be honest, I had hoped we would be on the other side of this move at this time, so things are moving a little slower then I had planned. Oh well, I'll go with the flow and try to make it better.

My nerves are getting the best of me, so if I could put that off to the side all would be wonderful.

My crafting ideas are on overdrive, but I have to resist and continue to pack.