Tuesday, March 3, 2015

After the 3rd Day of Craft Show

It has been three days into my Craft Show and my inventory is already less then what it was after my last show (which BTW was my best show ever).

Yesterday, my husband watched my booth so I could get some other business done. He really did good and straightened up some items I had overlooked. He will watch my booth again today, because I have some embroidery work that needs to be done and I need to make more hair bows.

Each show brings about it's own set of challenges and this show is no different. We have a Winter Storm Warning over our area of Arkansas starting tomorrow. This may or may not hurt my sales for Thursday. Thursday night is when customers will start to line back up for a big promotional event. One thing I've found out in the past, if you say it's going to sleet, ice and/or snow there is a very good chance the customers will show up in bigger crowds.

Business Tip:
My business wasn't always this successful. It takes time to make your business something people will come back to and they refer to their friends. Find out what you are good at, find your niche in the market, find out how to make your items better and find out how to make your customers proud to say they buy from you. I also condition my mind to always try to make my items and my booth better then the last item or event. This doesn't mean I'm always spending more money, it means to make sure "Quality" is my goal.

Make sure to look at my previous post and check out the video of my hairbow booth from when I set up the first day.