Thursday, June 4, 2009

Growing with my Hobby

I am trying to kick up my hobby a little by writing more patterns. I've really enjoyed it and it's helping me to change my priorities.

I have several more patterns that are on the drawing table and I'm very excited about that. Lately when I'm away from my yarn and hook, it's only long enough to type out my patterns, take pictures or to buy more supplies.

I am still working on finding time to unpack and organize my new craft room. I have a desk in there and I know where everything is going to go, now I have to get the time and energy together to just do it. I probably have more supplies then any one human should have and that is AFTER I freecycled many of the items when leaving Warner Robins, GA. It's exciting to go through my items but I need to get serious about completely unpacking, but who can find the time. Oh well, it will not be today because it's already full.

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Doris Sturm said...

You have such lovely items in your shop and I think our patterns are very pretty.

Have a wonderful weekend!